Museum of Music History Musical Instruments Collection

Collection: Musical Instruments Collection ( Museum of Music History )

About the collection

- The collection of musical instruments comprises 529 objects, among which are eighteenth-century string instruments by Leeb, Thir, and Stadlmann; nineteenth-century string instruments by Brandl, Mönig, and Ferenczy; guitars by Rudert and Stauffer; a harp by Holtzmann; pianos by Pachl, Beregszászy, Broadwood, and Erard, upright pianos by Pape and Lorencz, and a conductor’s upright piano by Ibach as well as table pianos and giraffe pianos. Along with these instruments the collection includes wind instruments: flutes by Schöllnast and Koch, an English horn by Erturi, Hungarian tárogató by Schunda and Stowasser, and a number of brass instruments.
- Among the highlights of our collection is a positive organ, which was made for a church near Eger in the 1770s. Our inventory also includes many folk instruments not only from Hungary, but also from neighboring countries and throughout the world.