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"The dtv Verlagsgesellschaft (dtv) is a German publishing house headquartered in Munich. It was founded in 1960 by eleven publishers as a common paperback publishing house named "Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag" (German paperback publishing house).Starting in 1996, dtv also published original editions and first editions. Since 2012, dtv has its own program with hardcover books. In 2015 the company´s sales, with its 125 employees, was €65 million. dtv publishes approximately 500 new books annually. Its inventory of available titles and e-books is around 7000.In June 2015 the "Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag" became the "dtv Verlagsgesellschaft"." - (en.wikipedia.org 29.02.2020)

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Konrad Lorenz: Er redete mit dem Vieh, den Vögeln und den FischenKonrad Lorenz: Das Jahr der GraugansKonrad Lorenz; Kurt L. Mündl: Noah würde Segel setzenNoch kann man hoffen: Ein Konrad-Lorenz-BrevierAlbert Lorenz: Wenn de Vater mit dem Sohne...Konrad Lorenz: Vom Weltbild des Verhaltensforschers: drei Abhandlungen
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