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Our institute established its data repository in 1976 with the primary goal to preserve and manage material accumulated in the course of archival or ethnographic field work of our employees, and in parallel a number of documents was acquired from other ethnographers, collectors and researchers. Most of the documents were created after the institute was founded in 1967, and since then research data and documents are continuously added to the data repository, while some items (in particular with regard to the photograph archive) date back much earlier than the institute launch.
Based on the current practice our data archive distinguishes the following sub-sections:
1) Manuscript archive (3704 listed items)
2) Photograph archive (45000 listed items)
3) Diapositive archive (10789 listed items)
4) Audio tap archive (816 listed items)
5) Video and film archive (app. 50 items)
6) Special collections (Hungarian Ethnographic special collection; Ethnographic Atlas special collection; folk medicine special collection; shaman archive; Béla Gunda inheritance; Vilmos Diószegi shamanism archive; Hungarian pricing collection; folk tale catalog; legend catalog; proverb catalog)
Starting from 2018 selected documents of the data repository have been published online. Click here to browse the already uploaded records.
The data archive can be accessed and researched after registration and obtaining permission. Permits can be obtained from the director of our institute, Balázs Balogh.
Contact: Endre Pastyik, +36-1-224-6782/4124; pastyik.endre@btk.mta.hu


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